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September Recap

Tracked Chipper

Fire San Mateo County (FSSMC) applied for  a tracked chipper which will be used to reach hard-to-access locations within San Mateo County.

As the grant application states... "To date, projects with accessible roads are the only areas which have received treatment. The areas proposed for treatment are inaccessible by a towed chipper.  A track chipper has been recommended by foresters and fuel management specialists as the only piece of equipment which can access these areas and dispose of dead, dying and hazardous material of 10" to 18" in diameter."

The geographic areas of our project consist of SRA lands adjacent to large tracts of habitable structures and critical infrastructure within the County of San Mateo.

Woodside Road-Skywood Acres

FSSMC also received notification from the California Fire Safe Council that it can begin to draw funds  effective October 1st for its Woodside Road-Skywood Acres hazarous fuel reduction to undetake a massive two-year project along SH 84 which runs over the coast range mountains and is one of two major east-west highways in San Mateo County.

The project area is a 140-acre corridor along Woodside and La Honda Roads within a 3,315-acre 3-watershed overall assessment area which runs just east of Interstate Highway 280 up to SR35 (Skyline Road). Treatment areas will cover 26 acres, or approximately 30% of the project area which is rated as a "Very High" fire hazard. It has more than 350 single family residential parcels and includes the "At Risk" community of Woodside, three additional residential communities, Wunderlich County Park which receives approximately 100,000 visitors per year, several open space preserves and the Caltrans right-of-way for SR84 (Woodside Road).

Collaborators include the Woodside Fire Protection District, CAL FIRE, FSSMC, Caltrans, San Mateo County Parks, Mid-Peninsula Open Space and the community of Skywood. 

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