Our Mission

To maintain the quality of life and property for citizens living in the wildland urban intermix zones of San Mateo County. Working together, we can achieve effective fire protection, education and planning.

The Mission of FIRE SAFE San Mateo County is to maintain the quality of life while protecting property and the environment for citizens living in the wildland/urban-interface zones of San Mateo County through public and private partnerships for education and fuel reduction.

Fire Safe San Mateo County is a 501(c)3 organization

FIRE SAFE San Mateo County

In 1987, several San Mateo County Fire Chiefs formed a committee to address the potential for serious loss of life and property in the urban/wildland interface areas (hillside neighborhoods surrounded by dense vegetation) that are threatened by wildfire.  Of the 90 Fire Safe Councilsestablished throughout California, Fire Safe San Mateo County has the distinction of being the first Fire Safe council formed in California, more than three years before the  California Fire Safe Council began.

From a conceptual beginning, supported by the County Fire Chiefs Association, FIRE SAFE San Mateo County has developed to include a diverse membership.

Our goals are to reduce hazardous vegetation, create defensible space around structures, and educate the public about wildfire fire hazards, fire behavior, and fuel reduction through the guidance of local agencies and public/private partnerships.

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