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Fire Safe San MAteo County CAL FIRE Fire Crews

Fire Safe San Mateo partners with CAL FIRE and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to conduct fuel reduction and vegetation management projects in San Mateo County. With up to 17 members and a Fire Captain, Fire Crews are one of the most efficient resources available to create fuel breaks and conduct mechanical thinning of overgrown vegetation.

Fire Safe San Mateo County established this partnership more than 20 years ago as a resource for work on fuel reduction projects within the County. In addition to being trained wildland firefighters, CAL FIRE Fire Crews are experienced in the use of wood chippers, chain saws and weed eaters to reduce vegetation fuels and create fuel breaks. Using these CAL FIRE Fire Crew resources, this partnership has completed a multitude of important fuel reduction projects across San Mateo County and the Peninsula.

CAL FIRE Fire Crews are not limited to conducting fuel reduction work on public lands. As "Type I" firefighting hand crews, they are on call 24 hrs a day to respond as an initial attack resource to any vegetation fire. CAL FIRE has also used Fire Crews to assist during natural disasters and other emergencies statewide.

Project Sponsors

Project sponsors working with CAL FIRE crews in San Mateo County must have a form FC-31 (MOU) and FC-32 signed and on file with CAL FIRE.  

The Sponsor shall submit project proposals on a form approved by CAL FIRE (currently an FC-32).  By doing so, with reference to any such proposals subsequently approved by the CAL FIRE, Sponsor agrees to:

  • Pay for all costs directly related to and necessitated by such projects, except for wages, salaries, and other remuneration paid to CAL FIRE employees, inmates, or wards, and the cost of their support.
  • Demonstrate the availability of adequate plans and specifications, sufficient funds, materials, supplies, and equipment, adequate technical supervision and any special labor requirements to complete such projects.
  • Obtain the approvals, notification, and permits required by any state, federal, or local agency necessary to commence construction, fuels management, or operation of such projects.
  • Hold an orientation meeting with CAL FIRE at the commencement of such projects to explain the technical aspects, execution of, and need for such projects.

Download Forms FC-31 and FC-32, below.

Download this file (FC-31 (11-5-10).doc)FC-31 (11-5-10).doc[CAL FIRE "FC-31" Form in .doc Microsoft Word format.]43 kB
Download this file (FC-31 (11-5-10).pdf)FC-31 (11-5-10).pdf[CAL FIRE "FC-31" Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.]55 kB
Download this file (FC-32 (11-5-10).doc)FC-32 (11-5-10).doc[CAL FIRE "FC-32" Form in .doc Microsoft Word format.]119 kB
Download this file (FC-32 (11-5-10).pdf)FC-32 (11-5-10).pdf[CAL FIRE "FC-32" Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.]82 kB

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