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NFPA Report Outlines Roles for Youth in Reducing Wildfire Risk

The NFPA's Wildland Fire Operations Division's recently released a report titled Engaging Youth in Reducing Wildfire Risk.  Their blog examines why middle and high school students can and should have a role in reducing wildfire risk in the communities where they live.  The report looks at existing programs throughout the country, youth preparedness research, findings from a series of six interactive workshops with students living in areas impacted by wildfire and a questionnaire distributed to teachers in four communities that recently experienced a wildland fire event.


Currently, there is no nationwide wildland fire education program that focuses exclusively on impacting youth behaviors and attitudes as they relate to prevention, preparedness, and mitigation.  There's a multitude of excellent programs that target environmental education topics with brief information on wildfire mitigation, and a few that do a good job of tying in multiple components; but most don't address the science of the home ignition zone and the work that can positively impact a home's chances of survivability.

Read the full report here...


Research: The Importance of Community Wildfire Pro...

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